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So it's totally pouring, but as long as I don't go outside, I'm happy. Until I have to go babysit. Bleh.

In any case, everything for Japan is moving along, I have the good majority of the comics I wanted done, done, Visa process is finished, we just have to get BACK up to the city to GET the finished product. Other than that, we need to get traveler's checks, I need to finish my quilt, need to draw one last character page for the webcomic, need to finish hemming my pants ^_^;;;; need to see Mad and Jan before I leave T_T etc etc.

For those who are not in the Japan loop, I'm moving to Nishio at the end of October. Nishio is in Aichi-ken, about 45 minutes towards the coast from Nagoya. My info is up on my school's website, if you want to see, along with Brad's! http://www.nacenglish.com/Our-Team.html We have an apartment waiting (I can't wait to furnish it) and the only thing I'm really nervous about is the plane flight (I hate flying) and teaching (since I'll be the only teacher and I'll decide the curriculum). I also want to start a blog, so if anyone has any tips ^_^;;;; I'd love to hear them.

So yes, so far, that's about it. Married life is going well, even if it's pretty much the same as dating-life. In any case, all is good, aside from my levels of stress about this all. Brad's mom wanted us to fly out and visit them this weekend, but I've so much to do, I want to see Jan and Mad, AND I can't handle a flight before the big one T_________T

My tiny computer is very nice, it's allowing me to play a game that is a pain to run on English Windows, even if it's essentially a novel and REALLY hard to read (Japanese of course), and it's letting me get some story writing done, which I also plan to do on the plane.

I think that's about it for now, hopefully I'll write more here when I'm in Japan. ^_^;;;
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