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It's official, I bought to tickets today.
Brad and I are coming home June 25th. Who's up for a welcome home party that weekend?? (I'm looking at yoooooou, Mad and Jan! :P )
I will be in CA until September or January, depending on if I get the job in Matsue or not. If not, I will be moving to Nagano in January. How exciting!
Also, I vote for Sac anime! ^___^ Let go together again, guys, last year was so much fun ^_^
excited excited
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So life has been...interesting.
A whole bunch of changes have occurred, so I'm thinking people who know me might like to be updated.
I graduate on the 14th. I have less than 3 weeks of actual school left and a week of finals (that will mostly be spent packing). Two papers to write (one on moe and one on the snow queen) and a ceramics project to finish. then I have two finals, one the week before finals and the other take home (which is awesome). My parents will fly over on the thursday of finals week and I can't wait to see them. Brad's parents arrive on Saturday and then we'll do fun things. That was the general plan.
Then I hear from Brad (this was a few weeks ago) that he hates his job. They're apparently making him do more stuff than just the programing that he's really good at, and adding the stress of dealing with a whole bunch of idiots on top of all the work he has to do. I don't know the details, and I doubt I'll press to find out, I don't want to make him feel bad. Essentially this means that we can live ANYWHERE and work ANYWHERE.
We're moving out of our apartment on June 26th. Hopefully July 1st, we're flying back to CA and living there until we find jobs. I can't even explain how overjoyed I am to be coming home. Who knew I missed it so badly? Brad needs to get his butt moving on resumes (there's a job window in CA and he needs to get them in soon). I've been looking into work in Japan, and I have a few options. The newest one was sent to me from Bill, so hopefully that'll work out (I'd rather work for a smaller company than a huge one, and living in Matsue sounds lovely ^_^). Hopefully things will get worked out. As it is now, I'll probably be in CA until August or september, at the earliest. If I get into Interac, I won't leave until March. *crosses fingers* I want to go to Japan so badly >___________< But I can't wait to go home! I've already started planning the clean up of my room and I'm looking for summer work.
On a sadder note, my two older cats have died. Blinkie went a few months ago, Winkie just last week. I haven't really talked about it b/c everytime I think about it, I start crying. It's hard having everything that connected me with my childhood (moving out of my old home, my kitties) are all gone now. I think I'll be better once I get home to where I feel comfortable, but it's a but hard with the stress load I have at the moment.
I just hope everything works out. It's so hard not knowing the future and not being able to DO anything about it (I have to wait and hear from people about stuff). However, perhaps there's a reason that I didn't get the jobs I applied for out here. Who knows.
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Ok, I'm writing a paper on Japanese slang. I'm trying to find out why the meaning of moe is different in America and I've asked the hetalia com and seem to be getting a lot of info. but I thought there might be some people on my F-list that would be able to answer:

(please answer with your opinion of moe, as you've seen it used in America. If your original understanding of moe was the Japanese meaning, do write that and also write what you think the Japanese meaning is.)

What do you think moe to be? And what characters do you associate it with? Also, where did you first hear about moe/how did you come to start using it? (i.e. I first learned about moe from Lucky star)

DON'T look up the meaning on wikipedia, I don't really agree with it/I don't want any cheating. I want to know how moe is being used in America.

curious curious
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on the homework front, I have to write a paper on the Snow Queen soon and I have to talk about other places that theme shows up. So far, I have narnia and Sailor moon. Wooo.

but people might want to see the costume I wore at Acen this year, so here: http://triaelf9.deviantart.com/gallery/#Cosplay

Most of you have already seen this, so I don't want to bore you ^_^

awake awake
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my lower back is all hurty and I don't know why. Also, things I wish I had known earlier. even more so now. is making me cranky. People need to be as organized as I am. *pout*
back to ouchies. silly back.

And my neck. pulled something. muuuuurf.

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ACEN IS ALMOST FINALLY HERE! We leave today for Chicago and tomorrow, the con starts! Also, boy I'm up at God-awful in the morning. Practice for tomorrow, I suppose. Need to pack today, and finish up a paper and keep hydrating so I can kill this cold that snuck up on me two days ago (seriously, 30 glasses of water a day is enough to confuse any sore throat). So yes. Fun will be had, hopefully. and lots of money too. Yay for money!
chipper chipper
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So, I think, like, 5 people will actually get this and the rest of you will not understand my rage not knowing Japanese. (or not even knowing the word)
Hetalia is not moe. somebody drawing more manly versions of hetalia characters are NOT "unmoefications" of hetalia characters (UNMOEFICATIONS ISN'T A WORD).
And the one that sent me over the edge today:


THIS close to telling that girl off, THIS close. I don't want to start wank on the internet, but GOD. STOP USING WORDS YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.
And most importantly, NEITHER IS GERMANY. ESPECIALLY GERMANY. I don't even know how she GOT that. OMG.
*stabs with a pointed stick*
somebody, please hold me back. I think I've found my new pet peeve.
pissed off pissed off
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And I'm up far to late.
Damn printer. Damn HP. Damn button maker.

I'm tired. >_

cranky cranky
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